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  Nondiffracting Ince-Gaussian Solitons Resonators Numerical  

Optical spatial solitons

Nonlocality arises naturally in many different physical systems, such as those where there are long-range forces (like in liquid crystals), many-body interactions (as in matter waves) and heat transport.

During the last years there has been particularly an increasing interest in the study of nonlocal nonlinear media in optics. Although is custom to neglect the nonlocality of a material, as a matter of fact, the refractive index in a particular point depends also on the beam's intensity in all other material points. This dependence is known as the nonlocality of the material. Stronger dependence means stronger nonlocality.

Our group has been initialized various projects in the complex and exciting field of nonlocal nonlinear solitons, and we have established several collaborations with the Nonlinear Physics Centre at the Australian National University, one of the top research groups in the optical soliton in the entire world.

In particular, our collaborations have shown how nonlocality can help to stabilize several nonlinear structures, such as the rotating dipole solitons and the recently introduced azimuthons: spatially modulated vortex solitons. Remarkably, the PMOG have found a direct connection between solitons and the non-diffracting beams in the highly nonlocal nonlinear (HNN) limit; currently we are working n the possibility to extrapolate some of our results obtained in the HNN limit to be applied in more general nonlocal nonlinear media.

Fig. 1 Example of soliton spiraling in nonlocal nonlinear media

Fig. 2 (a) Propagation of an azimuthon with a topological charge of 6 and 4 peaks. (b) Propagation of an azimuthon with 8 peaks and a topological charge of 6.


Selected publications on Solitons  (Full list of publications)

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